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IFPA- World Footbag Championships Standards & Guidelines

Bid Year to Host Championships: Bids are to be submitted as far in advance as possible and no later than:

Host City: Host Footbag Association &/or Club Affiliation: IFPA membership required.

Number of Members:

Club and Director must have permanent address and contact information updated at Tournament Director: Mailing Address: Phone: Email:

Event Organizing Experience: (provide event names, dates, numbers of entrants)

Event, Date, # of entrants

Key Staff Members to help coordinate & run event:


Key Staff members strong points/assets that are helpful: Graphic design, sponsor sales, advertising, site planning, etc

Site Location Details: (Net, Freestyle, Consecutives, Golf, Ceremonies - provide on separate copy if necessary). Consider player and spectator comfort and access. See specific footbag rules and guideline standards for surface and arena, etc. standards for freestyle and net.

Golf or Consecutives is optional with the tournament director and shall not interfere with the core required events.

Insurance Plans: (give details on limits of coverage)

Same coverage as last year and as sites will require. General Liability including athletic participation. Limits: General Aggregate $2,000,000, Products Comp/Op Agg. $1,000,000, Personal and Adv. Injury $1,000,000, Each Occurrence $1,000,000, Fire Damage $50,000, Med. Exp. None.

Proposed Schedule:

Dates of Event: TBD � consider travel restrictions and conflicts with University and other school schedules. Detailed Daily Event Schedule: (provide on separate copy if necessary)

Schedule should be coordinated between the events to allow best performances from the competitors and maximum participation. See specific example proposed schedules.

Advertising/Promotion Plan:

(detailed plan of action on separate copy if necessary)

promote the event on the email list,, and at upcoming events.

distribute flyers and posters locally.

Media Coverage: (give details of types of media and timelines for press releases etc.)

Considering some paid advertising on a local radio station or in a local newspaper.

First press release and public announcement on April 15. This will go to local and national TV, radio, and print media. Follow up mailing one month before the event and then again two weeks before the event. We have established contact at the local media work to get an article/coverage on Worlds before or during the event.

Potential Sponsors: (provide timeline for promo packages, promotion, contracts, etc.) (Levels Eg. - Title, Presenting, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Designate a sponsorship director. Sponsorship packages ready by no later than April 15. We�ll be contacting the sponsors we had last year. See Budget for details. We will also be pursuing other sponsors. Once we get the sites, we�ll hit up local merchants for program ad sales.

Lodging: (provide details of cost, restrictions, options, location, amenities, etc.)

Various levels of lodging should be provided, preferably with easy access to all event sites,food and public transit.

Player Transportation Considerations: (to and from country, to and from event sites, etc.)

Have a host hotel that is central to all sites and public transportation options. Consider providing a van to shuttle players about.

Food and Product Concession Plans: (provide details of set-up, limits, commissions, etc.)

We will provide limited beverage service at the booth. Product concession plans will be similar to last year and will be worked out individually with each vendor or sponsor.

Awards Plans: (describe types of awards)

Medals and Cash

Prize Money � Goal $ 8000

Existing Working Capital Available $ 1000 � Budget Standards for IFPA funding Registration Standards for IFPA funding. � .xls and other forms available from IFPA ? Steve?

Preliminary Budget Details: (provide details of required expenses and revenue) See attached budget.xls. See example budgets and forms available from IFPA.

Possible Tie-ins With Other Events: (ie. Fair, festival, concert, other sport competition, etc.)


1. pre-organization

Scheduling � not to conflict with major tournaments � Worlds, Euros, US Open, Venue standards: All events inclusive of all ages.

2. organization tournament format, pools, seeding, courts...

3. directing anything that happens during the tournament. like keeping track of results and other common problems like keeping the timetable, treating lazy players... __________________________________________________ have a players meeting � teams must wear same shirts � water must be available close to the courts (refill too) � shade should be available somehow � paint lines � seeding should be overviewed by someone who knows how and done as far in advance as possible. � results must be collected after every match � the venue should be close to the freestylers � pools should be judged by players of the same pool � all matches from 1/4 on should have designated judges

How to make a footbag net competition cool?

Before the tourney:

Line up lots of volunteers and enlist players to help w/ various tasks.

You must have a net director and preferably one responsible per discipline (open singles net, open doubles net, intermediate singles / doubles, women singles / doubles and mixed double)

The director must have an idea about how much time and how many net courts he has available.

The director must have a good idea about the total amounts of games to play (do not forget games for 3rd places and consolation rounds).

The director must prepare the seeding for all disciplines using the online registration. (It is always easier to change your seeding with adds and scratches then to make it in the morning)

Scratches and adds: The director must prepare different scenarios with +/- the registered players.

Pool sheets, sheets for games up to finals and consolation rounds must be pre printed.

Provide a kit per pool: 1 pen, 1 �support bloc� and the pre printed sheet.

Provide sufficient official tournament bags.

If available, you should have one official in uniform (crew t-shirt at least) per pool. He will be the official judge for all games, write done the results and pass them on to the responsible of the discipline. If no official is available, make player of the pool officiate each others games.


A football filed or a park with an even playground and painted lines.

If possible a referee chair for each court.

Sufficient changing rooms with showers and toilets.

A LOT of cool water bottles.

Info / Chill out desk : � Chairs and tables in the shadow � Information / results � Urgency kit : creams for muscle injuries, sun cream � � Fresh drinks: water, juices, sodas, beer � � Easy food: bananas, cereal bars � � Music and MCs

Getting started:

At the player�s meeting everybody shall be advised about the exact tournament procedures.

Define the time for first games to start and the order of further games to play.

Inform everybody up which level of competition games MUST be played.

For finals:

1 head judge - 1 net judge (not mandatory) � 4 line judges � 1 scorer � 1 speaker

1 court central surrounded with barriers at 3 meters away from the field. A walking path between the barriers and the bleachers should also be available.

After the competition:

You have to post full results within 10 days on If you don�t publish them your event want be IFPA sanctioned next year.

At Worlds I talked to several net players from North America and it came out that they had a so called perfect schedule for net at worlds.

A standardised schedule for net should be included in the standards for tourneys.

There is already one for 1 week events (worlds), hence we should also have one for 4 days events (euros), 3 days and 2 days.

We have to make sure that at forth coming Euros the net events will be handled in a better way than at the past ones. The schedule is a key issue. ____________________________________________________________________ Revote on Policy for Minimum Number of Entrants for Worlds Events the Web

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Status: Deadline: Total Members Voting: closed 22-May-05 6 This is the 2nd vote on this policy. The first vote ended in a tie, 3-3. The vote is to decide the minimum number of participants for events at Worlds. If the minimum is not met, the local organizer has the option to cancel this event.

What should the minimum number of entrants in a category be?

  3: 2
  4: 4
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