We're Sorry

We had to take down the footbag.org forum due to our web hosting provider removing a certain key component needed to run it.

The forum has been in read-only mode for a few years anyway, so the only reason to come here is to view the archives. We do think the archives are important, so it is our intention to restore them -- just not right away since our hosting provider has really screwed us this time... So please check back in a few months.

Please note: the forums have been in read-only mode since we stopped offering this service, and encourage instead that everyone just use one of the plethora of social media outlets to connect to each other. I built all this stuff before anyone knew what a forum even was, so sue me that I don't have any time to sit here and update and improve each old forum. The only reason I still hosted them here was to allow people to search to find articles. I *will* eventually fix that, but not right now. (Date of message: August 2019.) Instead of complaining on a social media site, either offer to help, or just ping me personally to ask me whether I still plan to fix it, as a reminder. I'm just one guy, as much as it may seem this legacy piece of shit website had a whole team behind it. And I have a real job. Anyway, go outside and play .. you shouldn't be looking at this shitty old website anyway.